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Application of far-infrared ceramic materials in the fields of energy saving and environmental protection

1. The application of far-infrared ceramics in improving fuel combustion efficiency and reducing emissions

       The radiation wavelength range emitted by the far-infrared ceramic material is completely matched with the absorption wavelength of the radiator (fuel) to generate resonance and when the amplitude increases, the radiation energy absorbed by the fuel can achieve the maximum utilization effect. Fuel oil includes a series of hydrocarbon liquid fuels. The molecules in the fuel oil have a carbon chain structure, and each molecule is in a state of agglomeration and mutual "entanglement", so the fuel oil has a certain viscosity. Viscosity will affect its atomization and evaporation during combustion. However, when the molecular absorption band of the fuel matches the radiation band emitted by the far-infrared ceramic material, resonance occurs; then the fuel molecules absorb the infrared radiation energy, the activation energy of the molecules decreases, the movement is intensified, and the molecular chain "stretches" quickly. The molecular structure changes, causing the carbon chain to break, from macromolecules to small molecules, and the intermolecular cohesion decreases; the macroscopic manifestation is that the viscosity and surface tension of the fuel decreases after absorbing infrared radiation energy, and it becomes easy to evaporate, thus making the fuel Increased atomization and evaporation. Therefore, the fuel molecules enter the combustion chamber in an active state of miniaturization, and are fully mixed with the air, so that the combustion is sufficient and the emission of pollutants is reduced, thus achieving the purpose of saving fuel and reducing pollution.


2 Far-infrared light radiation ceramic materials are used to prepare various environmentally friendly coatings

      In addition to the far-infrared band, the multi-band photocatalytic ceramic material has infrared, visible light or trace natural radiation. The electrical polarization phenomenon of this multi-band photocatalytic material can ionize water molecules in the air and achieve the effect of releasing hydroxyl anions to degrade pollutants. Because it makes full use of the full-band energy of sunlight and enhances the energy of the far-infrared spectrum, the effect of purifying the environment is improved.

      For example, far-infrared ceramic coatings with air purification function (environmentally friendly coatings containing nano-scale titanium dioxide) can be exposed to sunlight, especially ultraviolet radiation (radiation band 200 ~ 780nm), so that rare earth oxide solid surface is formed. holes and electrons. Such as hydrocarbons, benzene, formaldehyde, sulfide, ammonia, etc., and has deodorant and sterilization effects, and can react with those toxic and harmful gases to form harmless substances.

       Summary: Optical radiation materials based on far-infrared ceramic products are a new type of environmental protection material that protects the environment and controls environmental pollution. To study the role of artificial light radiation materials is to accelerate the degradation of artificial light radiation materials to various pollutants, to increase the characteristic intensity of their light radiation bands, and whether they can match the wavelength bands of radiated pollutants in the environment, Fully resonate to give full play to the efficiency of the radiation source. With the in-depth research and development of optical radiation materials, it will surely provide us with a new way to control environmental pollution.



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